About SCO

Seattle Collaborative Orchestra

The Seattle Collaborative Orchestra

Our Mission

The Seattle Collaborative Orchestra (SCO) is a diverse, multigenerational performing arts organization representative of the greater Seattle community. SCO is devoted to bringing classical and new symphonic works into local schools and communities.

SCO musicians include students, community members, and professionals who work together to create a unique and collaborative musical experience that includes a creative mix of traditional orchestral music, seldom-performed classical works, works by female and Northwest composers, and new symphonic music.

Our Goals

SCO is dedicated to expanding beyond traditional organizational and musical boundaries to promote a more diverse performing and listening audience. SCO programs innovative and eclectic music, features music by female composers, and provides opportunities to emerging Pacific Northwest performing artists.

Our first goal has been to create an engaging, educational, and collaborative experience by coupling committed student and community members with experienced professionals representing premier Seattle-area ensembles. Our organization provides an avenue for professional musicians wishing to contribute to the sustainability of orchestral music through nurturing and mentoring students within a challenging performance experience. Working alongside professional musicians, students learn to reach higher levels of musicianship and develop traits of professional responsibility and musical etiquette.

Our next goal is to expand into communities typically underserved by music education opportunities to foster talented student musicians who lack access to a well-paved entry into the area’s other premier ensembles. Moreover, we seek to
broaden the audience base for orchestral music in these same communities with our novel musical programming and award-winning performances, which will feature these young musicians.

What Makes SCO Different?

  • Music Education.  SCO is unique in its practice of pairing talented younger musicians still in high-school and college with seasoned professionals from around the Puget Sound region.  Student and professional musicians sit side-by-side, play concerts together, and the students are given a taste of the level, dedication and mastery that makes a professional musician.
  • Ensemble and Audience Diversity. SCO actively seeks young musicians from across the Seattle area. We are dedicated to providing support to those students in need, through scholarships to join the orchestra and through live auditions at both North end and South end schools as well as video (YouTube) auditions.
  • New Music.  In nearly every concert since its inception, SCO has given the premiere performance of a new work by a contemporary composer.  We have premiered works by Seattle area composers Angelique Poteat, Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte, and William Langlie-Miletich.  As SCO has grown, our premieres include works by nationally ranked composers Victoria Bond and Leanna Primiani.  We also feature performances of recent compositions by well-known composers Jennifer Higdon and Michael Daugherty.  As you can see from this list, SCO is especially dedicated to performing works by female composers.
  • Outstanding Performances.  SCO features compelling virtuoso performances from featured soloists such as violinists Maria Larionoff, and Stephanie Chase, bassist Catalin Rotaru, and sopranos Marcy Stonikas and Catherine Haight.  The ensemble’s sound is exciting, warm and precise—a result of the paring of energetic young players and experienced professionals under the award-winning baton of our Music Director Anna Edwards.

Statement on Racial and Gender Equity

One of Seattle Collaborative Orchestra’s stated commitments is to broaden ethnic and gender diversity in within classical and orchestral music in the Seattle metropolitan area. We promote inclusion, creativity, and leadership in music from all people regardless of their ethnicity, social status, economic background, or gender identity. Toward this end, we seek to include in our ensemble members of nominally underrepresented communities, to break the barriers to their participation, and to provide them with musical resources and support. It is our commitment to challenge the status quo and achieve an inclusive and equitable musical community that benefits us all.

If you have any questions about our commitment, or would like to know more about the work we are doing, please contact us at info@seattlecollaborativeorchestra.org.