18 November 2015

Listen to the GIRLS


Oh, Lois! by Michael Daugherty

SIRENS for Orchestra by Leanna Primiani
(West coast premiere)

Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss

Marcy Stonikas, Soprano

  1. Spring
  2. September
  3. Time to Sleep
  4. At Dusk

Listen to the GIRLS by Angelique Poteat

World premiere with the Northwest Girlchoir

  1. We
  2. Admirable Women
  3. Doubts — Elisabeth Williams, vocal soloist
  4. Real Life
  5. Perfect


Support for this concert has been graciously donated by

  • The Roosevelt Foundation
  • Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy
  • 4 Culture
  • Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
  • Artist Trust
  • Opus 4 Studios & Dr. Mike Matesky
  • The Live Music Project
  • Donald & Dr. Gloria Swisher
  • Anonymous Donors

The musicians in this orchestra come from

  • Roosevelt High School
  • Garfield High School
  • Newport High School
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Simple Measures
  • University of Washington
  • Seattle Pacific University
  • Seattle Symphony Orchestra
  • Auburn Symphony
  • Yakima Symphony
  • The Skyros Quartet

and freelance players.

Violin I
Sarah Pizzichemi**
Jeannie Yablonsky
Clark Story
Jana Kaminsky
Allion Salvador
Heather Borror
Stephanie Ryder
Rebecca Cohrs
Matthew Cancio
Violin II
James Moat*
Steve Bryant
Linda Cole
Charlotte Ishikawa
Muirne Mitchell
Melissa Doja
Tommy Yi
Jonathan Kuehn

Mara Gearman
Sue Jane Bryant
Akshay Venkatesh
Kelly Moore
Drea Garvue
Seth May-Patterson
Paul Harmon
Willie Braun*
Walter Gray
Anna Conway
Rajan Krishnaswami
Kina Pak
Claire Thielke
String principals
Pizzichemi, Moat,
and Braun are members of
the Skyros Quartet.
Ross Gilliland*
Max Young
Rose Gear
Tyler Rath
Sabrina Bounds1, 2
Natalie Ham3
Katherine Isbill Emenetth 4
Sabrina Bounds3, 4
Natalie Ham1, 2
Janet Putnam*
Vedrana Ivecik
Matthew Maroon
English Horn
Matthew Maroon2, 4
Vedrana Ivezic3
Angelique Poteat1, 2, 3
Jesse Beckett-Herbert
Santosh Sharma
Bass Clarinet
Angelique Poteat4
Santosh Sharma2, 3
Helene Beck*
Jackson Bohrer
David Wall4
French Horn
Andrew Angelos*
Mark Robbins
Josiah Boothby
Sue Perry
Allison Damon2
Elizabeth Solon1, 4
George Steward3
Thomas Maul1, 3, 4
Porter Jones2
Larry Heidel
Declan Sullivan1, 4
Emmy Ulmer2, 3
Declan Sullivan
Cyrus Graham
Emmy Ulmer
Evan Berge
Jason Dan
John Carrington
** Concertmaster
* Principal
1 Principal Daugherty
2 Principal Primiani
3 Principal Strauss
4 Principal Poteat